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I can explain. You all probably thought I abandoned this blog after I've been gone for the past two weeks, but that's not like me. I could just tell you that I was on vacation, but that's too easy an out. So I'll explain... I was in the desert shooting guns. No really, here's proof.

I spent about a week with family and friends out in the scorching, searing desert of Nevada at a training facility called Front Sight. It's a self-proclaimed bastion of Second Amendment enforcement in the United States. Their goal is to provide the highest level of arms training to citizens, law enforcement, and soldiers while at the same time raising the level of gun education and awareness among users. They have identified a serious problem in the United States - the lack of gun education among users. We all like to wave our Second Amendment right around in the face of the world, but the reality is that we have neglected the responsibility that comes with that right. People do a lot of stupid things with guns in their hands. Sure, the media can be gun-phobic and blow the problem out of proportion, but what other choice do we give them when gun users are continually injuring themselves or innocent people by simple user error.

Front Sight's commitment to preserving the Second Amendment through training responsible, educated gun users was impressive to say the least. When I arrived I had no idea how to hold, load, or shoot a Glock 9mm, but after several days I was clearing jams, drawing from a holster, and shooting accurately from distance. Their training is nothing short of phenomenal, better than the military and police force I must say, just by hearing all the personal stories from cops and soldiers who frothed over the level of training they received at Front Sight. Check them out at FrontSight.com.

Oh, and the other reason I disappeared: Las Vegas. By coincidence, sheer luck you might even say, it was only 45 minutes away. Okay, maybe we planned it that way.
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