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Melanie Phillip's new book The World Turned Upside Down is a provocative, hard-hitting look into the major ideological battlefields dividing America and the Western World. As a journalist first and foremost, Phillips accomplishes what few great journalists can - seeing through the swamp of emotional and sensational news to the cold, hard facts of the issues. She debunks today's popular myths and misconceptions with clear, poignant writing and research. Her book is so well documented it doubles as a handbook for key issues like global warming, the war on terror, and the secular attacks on Western religion. The World Turned Upside Down reveals the destructive ideologies eating away at religion, morality, and truth - the core of American greatness. Phillips, a British journalist, combats American popular culture in a way that few writers can, as an outsider looking in, not someone caught in the day-to-day, tit-for-tat battles Americans engage in.

At its core, The World Turned Upside Down recognizes the backwards state of politics and culture in the West due to the loss of religion and the dependence of man on his own reason. Modern society tells us that faith and reason are inseparable, but Phillips proves the opposite. Christianity and the Bible gave us our foundations for knowledge, progress, and order, she argues. Without that foundation, the world as we once knew it is eroding in front of our eyes. Above economic debt, foreign threats, and faulty science, the abandonment of religion poses the greatest threat to the West, she says, opening us up for attacks on all sides, from radical Islam to secular humanism. The World Turned Upside Down is a cautionary tale; if we continue down this spiraling path, the world will truly be standing on its head.

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